Meet one of the Toronto Raptor's Photographers Nelson Campana

How did you get started in photography? I'm the youngest of 3 boys and my two older brothers always inspired me with their creativity. My second oldest brother has always been making videos since a kid and it turned him into an award winning video editor. My oldest brother is a magician / mentalist / hypnotist and even had his own TV specials in the Philippines all produced by my other brother! So Being around them all the time, seeing them creating through video and magic, naturally inspired me to try to create things of my own and that was through photography. It was always just a 'for fun' thing for me until way later in life.

How one photographer captured the bloodmoon.

The recent lunar eclipse of January 20-21 st , 2019 was turning out to be a catch 22 situation in New York City. It would either be below freezing, cloudy with no wind and thus no visible Moon or windy with passing clouds that opens ‘sucker holes’ i.e intermittent clear skies but an arctic blast due to the wind chill but it would be possible to image the eclipse. Thankfully and somewhat painfully it turned out to be the latter.

A Portrait Photographer’s First Experience with Off Camera Flash

Since I got started with photography a few years ago, I have fallen into the dreaded “natural light

photographer” category. For me personally, the main reason was simply ease of shooting. I

don’t have a studio, so outside of my in-home newborn sessions, all my shoots take place

outside. Most of these shoots are family sessions, and I never liked the idea of lugging around

a bunch of equipment from location to location while trying to interact with a family and get some

shy kid to warm up to me. Quite frankly, I don’t see the need for it in this situation.

How one moment changed this photographer's life!

Now living in the suburbs 40 minutes north of Atlanta, it took some getting used to not living “in the city”. You see, I’m a city boy at heart. Tall buildings, bright lights, and the “fast pace” of it all.

So when I got into photography a little over a year ago, it wasn’t a surprise that I found myself getting pulled toward the streets of downtown Atlanta with a gravitational-like force…..

Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 Full Review for Sony FE

When Tamron announced their new 28-75 full frame lens designed for the Sony E-mount I had mixed feelings at first. Why would we need another lens in this focal range when we already have the amazing Sony 24-70 f / 2.8 G-master? On the other hand I was very excited to see a lens like Tamron starting to design lenses specifically for the Sony E-mount. This was great news on it's own, but why start with the 28-75? I love extreme wide-angle lenses. The 28-75 zoom range is a range I actually rarely use. I usually carry my 12-24 or 16-35, a 50mm prime and then a 70-300 or 100-400 meaning I skip the entire 24-70 or (or in Tamron's case the 28-75). 

James Ferrara tells us how he started shooting sharks!

Interview with underwater photographer James Ferrara. Two and a half years ago, I only used a head-mounted action video camera and knew nothing about photography. I wanted to share my underwater adventures the way I saw it through my own eyes, but found it hard to capture those moments through a video screenshot. A photographer friend of mine watched me struggle to edit these screen shots and said, “you’ve got a good eye for photography, you just need some better gear to produce a quality image that you can perfect in post production.” The next week I bought my first Sony camera &
underwater housing and have been hooked ever since!

My Experience at Sony Kando Trip 2.0

Sony Kando 2.0. Where do I even start? After finding out I was one of the few accepted to attend, I spent just about every passing moment “geeking” out over the sweet gear I'd hopefully get to use, the renowned artists I'd likely have the chance to meet, & the incredible amount of guidance, inspiration, and knowledge I'd surely absorb over the course of 4 days. Trust me, Sony did NOT disappoint. The moment the bus pulled onto the Asilomar Conference Grounds I knew I was in for a treat.

How to Start a Photography Business!

In this article, I’m going to cover, step-by-step, how to start a photography business in North Carolina.Don't worry, if you live outside of North Carolina, you'll still find this post helpful. Just be sure to check the local laws in your city and state.

Best Memory Card for the Sony A7RIII

For years I have been very frugal with memory cards for my Sony A7RII. I have been using the SanDisk Extreme Pro 95mb/s 64gb and the PNY Elite 95mb/s 128gb (a very underrated card) because I was mainly shooting landscapes and cityscapes. As my kids grew older and became more active with club sports and along with my ever-growing business, I decided to upgrade and give these Sony SDXC UHS-II cards a try. 

Sony A7RIII Star Eater?

I wanted to share with everyone some night photos I took with the new Sony A7RIII to show how the now infamous, and according to some unforgivable, "Star Eater" algorithm on the Sony A7 series cameras.

If you're not familiar with the issue, it's basically anything longer than a 3.2s exposure will get a noise reduction applied to help fix hot pixels.

How I Got The Shot!

For this video Manny used both the Sony A7RIII and the Sony A7II on a New York City rooftop. This was his first rooftop shoot, so he was pretty excited. Also check out how he handles some of the harsh light and what he does to create the perfect image. 

Unreal images from Burning Man!

There are few experiences in life that could equate to a week at Burning Man. Off the top of my head, there is nothing that I can think of that would, but I am sure there must be something... Maybe deep sea exploration or being part of a lunar landing team? But that still would not quite match it. 

As a photographer, Burning Man exceeded every limit of visually emotional and unequaled imaginable experience...

An Exclusive Look at the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

The rohingya community in the Rakhine state have suffered atrocities in the hands of
military and locals in Myanmar. Their homes have been burnt, people have been killed by
both bullets and knives and their women have been raped. UN has termed it as a textbook
example of “ethnic cleansing”. It is estimated that at least 4,00,000 people have already crossed the border to save their lives.

Sony AIC Does Alaska

What an amazing trip! Sony Alpha selected 10 members from their Alpha Imaging Collective for 4 days of absolute adventure in Alaska. Here are some of the highlights.