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Sony AIC Does Alaska

Sony AIC Does Alaska

What an amazing trip! Sony Alpha selected 10 members from the Alpha Imaging Collective for 4 days of absolute adventure in Alaska. I was lucky enough to be one of the selected few. Here are some of the highlights. 

Day 1 - Members flew in and quickly jumped on a shuttle that took them to the Knik River Lodge. There were a few stops along the way. The first stop was to an ancient burial spirit site at Eklutna Historical Park, from there we continued to the lodge. The views were absolutely amazing on the way, so we had to stop. We stopped at the Knik River for a few shots. From there we went to the the lodge, checked in and ate dinner.  Sunset was a bust that day but we were surprised with some beautiful Auroras. It's definitely one item I can now check off my bucket list.   


Day 2 - Today we had to make a decision. It was to take a 10 mile round trip hike to Reed Lakes in Palmer or visit Hatcher Pass. I have never been to any of these places so either one would've been great. I choose to take the 10 mile hike to Reed Lakes. Living in Florida for my entire life the closet thing we have to mountains are the landfills.

This hike was honestly one of the toughest hikes I have ever been on but it was all worth it. I even had the chance to take some epic selfies, drink some natural spring water and watched a hiker jump into the lake. I was hesitant about the water but after seeing our tour guide to do it, I'm glad I did. It was truly some of the best water I ever had. 


Day 3 - This day is probably my second favorite because we had to take a helicopter to Knik Glacier. Think about that for a second. Fly in an open door helicopter and land on a damn glacier! It doesn't get anymore epic than that. The ride to the glacier made me feel like I was Daenerys riding on top of Drogon flying north of the wall to burn up some white walkers. And if that wasn't enough excitement, Stan Moniz jumped into the glacier and we found some dragon glass. Just kidding, but we did walk on top of trenches that were about 10-20 feet deep and saw a huge moulin. It was pretty scary at first but ended up being safe or at least that's what our guide told us. 


Day 4 - This last day was pretty epic. I just didn't think anything could've topped what we just saw and did at the Knik Glaciers. So on this day we took about a 45 minute seaplane ride through the mountains to Crescent Lake at Lake Clark National Park (say that 5x fast). Talk about views for days! This is where I really wanted to test out the Sony A9 with the 100-400mm. With that combo I just never missed a shot, you can catch every drip of water off the bears as they were pretty active since it was "bulking season". 

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