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Getting to know Dan Marker-Moore

Getting to know Dan Marker-Moore

Sony Alpha Imaging Collective member Dan Maker-Moore is the perfect example of how
someone can use Instagram to build a successful career as a ‘content-creator’.
He is originally from Chicago and lived there through college where he started a
career in motion graphics and animation-type work. It eventually brought him out
West to Los Angeles where he worked on movies trailers, main titles for movies
(think of the opening and closing credits in movies) and other commercial work.
Instagram eventually was created and Marker-Moore starting to develop a passion for

“During all my free time I got into photography and next thing I knew it got out of
control and I had no more free time,” chuckled Marker-Moore. “Then it became a career and I
stopped doing motion graphics.”

It changes with every job, but the short answer is “photographer” if you want to
categorize the typical work he provides to major brands. Marker-Moore owns his own business
that creates content for social media platforms including photos, video content and
the ‘in-between’ like the animated GIF’s he created of music artist, The Weeknd, during a recent
project with Puma.

He also worked with Adidas Tennis in capturing aerial views of different courts all
over California. Marker-Moore brought his friend, Brad Romano, along to help and they have
since started playing tennis three times a week after buying props for the project.
Romano has had the upper hand in matches so far, but the workout is good enough
for the busy business owner.

As a matter of fact, Marker-Moore always brings someone else to help on projects and finds it
useful even if they only hold his bag or watch it for him as he ‘runs around the
corner’. This could be helpful advice for photographers who are just starting out.
“It’s really been a life-saver having an extra set of eyes that are paying attention and
can notice other stuff when you’re looking through the lens,” said Marker-Moore.

He said it is important to understand what a brand is trying accomplish on a project
and that working with other creatives will always result in a better final product.
As far as photography in general, patience is an extremely important element in
creating a high-impact image according to the Midwest native. Going to the same
place more than once is a key ingredient to understanding the light at a certain place
in order to ‘make the most of it’.

You may have seen one of his prized projects that he dubs ‘time-sliced images’,
which combined images from different times of day into one photo with a slice-type
effect. He wants to keep developing and exploring more content while traveling to
new places with this project.

“Each time I work on one, I’ve understood my process a little more and refined it to
come out with a better result, explained Marker-Moore. “It’s evolving and rewarding to work
on, but it very time consuming.”

Dan prefers taking cityscape and landscape photos while having a keen eye for
depth and light. He works to find layers of separation while capturing light that
directs the eye.

That focus was on display in a recent helicopter flight over the City of Angels with
fellow Alpha Imaging Collective member, Dylan Schwartz. Marker-Moore was equipped with
the Sony Alpha A7RII teamed with a 16-35mm f4 lens as well as the new Sony A9
combined with a 24-70mm f2.8 G Master lens.

It is safe to say that the A9 was his preferred weapon of choice after taking more
than 4,000 photos in an hour in the air using ‘high-burst’ mode and shutter priority
with auto ISO with a limit of 6400.

“It took me surprise how much I enjoyed the Sony A9 and that was the perfect example
of how it could shine; in a fast moving helicopter,” said Marker-Moore.
As glamorous as it might seem creating content for a living, Dan clarified that he
works on his company ‘every waking moment’ and mostly finds himself editing
when not behind the lens.


For someone who looked up to huge accounts like @jasonmpeterson and
@13thwitness when he was new to Instagram, Dan Marker-Moore has made a pretty big name
for himself so far as well.

Interviewed and written by Andrew Eggers

Equipment Discussed:

Sony A9

Sony A7RII

Sony 24-70mm f2.8 GM

Sony 16-35mm f4

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Upgrade & get up to $500 in bonus credit!